Peace region farm founded by First World War veteran wins award

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The Ardill family ranch belongs to the Peace Valley Landowners Association, a group formed to protest the Site C dam being built in the area. The farm sits on Highway 29 alongside the Peace River, so is directly impacted by the dam.

The Ardills had four children (John, Betty, Dick and Tom) and in the early 1960s Dick and his wife Irene took over as farm managers from Jack. Dick and Irene’s daughter Renee is now the farm manager, with Jack’s grand-daughter-in-law Karen McKean, grandson Don Ardill and great grandson Sorrel Schoeder all working the farm.

The ranch has about 400 head of commercial Hereford cattle and horses remain an essential part of the operation.

There are still quarter horses on the property that are descendant from horses brought out decades ago from Edmonton.

They are used for salt packing, range patrol, cattle work and rodeoing.

Dick Ardill said he was very grateful the ranch was still in family hands.

“I’m thankful the family wants to ranch,” he said. “Although it may not be an easy life, it’s a good life.”

Century Farm Awards honour agricultural organizations that have been active for a century or longer.


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