Nomination for NDP Stikine candidate hits policy snag

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McPhee “is asking that the BC NDP vet her as a potential candidate formally,” the release states. “The Stikine riding includes the homelands of the Tahltan people. Stikine also has the second highest percentage of Indigenous peoples of all provincial ridings.”

McPhee — aprominent Indigenous advocate who served three terms as president of the Tahltan central government —has the support of several Indigenous chiefs from the riding, including Chief Glen Williams from Gitanyow; Chief Chastity Daniels from Gitwangak; Chief Marie Quock from Iskut; Chief Rick McLean from Tahltan, and Hereditary Chief Yobx from Gitsegukla.

While McPhee is requesting that the NDP formally vet her as the candidate, the party has reportedly stated that exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

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