Vancouver city councillor being threatened caught on video

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In an interview Friday, Allen said the man was just about to “shoot up” on her doorstep so she asked him to move on, and he stood up and leaned right into her, which scared her, and called her “a f—ing hoe.”

“I literally jumped out of the way,” she said. Then Fry “put his body” between her and the drug user, she said.

Hawks Street has become a main thoroughfare for the campers, and residents and police say there has been a spike in violent crime.

Allen doesn’t have children but she said in her row of townhouse there are four units with families who have children under three years old.

“That tent city needs to go,” said Allen. “Our neighbourhood has been ransacked…children have been threatened, and there are at least three bike chop shops there and it’s so blatantly obvious what they are doing.”

This is the latest development in an ongoing issue in the neighbourhood with the six-week old homeless camp at Strathcona Park, which has grown to about 300 tents.

Katie Lewis, vice president of the Strathcona Residents Association, says the violence by some of the homeless campers in Strathcona Park has reached “new levels.”

She said, in an email to Postmedia, that a weapon was found in a purse abandoned at the Maclean Park Waterpark, a drug drop was witnessed at Strathcona Elementary, and a child was picked up by a mentally unstable man at Maclean Park. She also other parents have complained that their children have been threatened.

On Wednesday, the association called the camp “a big-profile example of failure.”
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