Don't pet voters' dogs or sneeze on campaign literature — a few of the B.C. party COVID tips for staff

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Liberal events should have no more than 50 people, ideally be held outside, provide masks and sanitizer and, when possible, have assigned seating, the party says.

Green Leader Sonia Furstenau speaks in Victoria on Monday. Photo by Dirk Meissner /The Canadian Press

In its safety material, the Green party acknowledges that “COVID-19 has created a situation where campaigning is going to look very different.” For starters, canvassers should wear gloves and, this year more than ever, respect a voter who isn’t interested.

“Canvassers must understand that the public may not be comfortable with this type of activity at their place of residence. Team members will need to be polite, respectful and sensitive to people’s comfort levels,” the Green material says.

Only team members in the same household bubble should travel in a car together. If additional people must be in the car, roll the windows down.

In campaign offices, door handles, printers and sink taps must be cleaned several times a day, and Green party volunteers should avoid using common coffee pots, kettles or microwaves — which could make for some tired and hungry volunteers.

Even when it comes to donations, the rules have changed. The Green party would prefer “contactless” transactions, presumably e-transfers, or old-fashioned cash can be dropped into a container with a slot on top.

With files from Cassidy Olivier, Postmedia
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